Ep27: “Fight Like Hell”

Raskin giving closing statements today

In today’s episode, I once again summarize today’s Impeachment Trial in the Senate. Please also see slides from their presentation below the audio player.

Episode 27: “Fight Like Hell”

Washington Post: Evidence Presented Thus Far
Washington Post: Capitol rioters searched for Nancy Pelosi in a way that should make every woman’s skin crawl

Trump praises the armed militia that stormed MI State Capitol in April 2020
Trump blames the victim of an attempted kidnapping
then turns the focus away back to his lies and half-truths about Antifa and the left

Months of repeating the “Big Lie” about election fraud.
Insurrectionists say outright they were there because Trump called on them
This is what this insurrection and the aftermath has cost American taxpayers
One example of the several Republicans who spoke out against Trump part in the Insurrection


UPDATE 2/13/2021: It’s just come to my attention that the video I often refer to in these episodes about the insurrection—where Trump watched in delight while his followers stormed the Captiol—is only partially true. The private party from which Don Jr. streamed the video of them dancing and celebrating while Trump watched his supporters on TV took place about an hour before his speech, not during the insurrection. My apologies for not seeing this sooner and spreading the very misinformation that I’m trying to counteract! Read more on SNOPES.

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