Ep21: “You’ll Submit”

Mocking Trump with construction paper hair, shirt, and tie.

Last week I rewrote the lyrics to Hamilton‘s “You’ll Be Back” from Trump’s point of view. Please watch my parody mocking Trump as he sings about how he won’t concede.

The Daily Rose, Episode 21: “You’ll Submit”

With apologies to Lin-Manuel Miranda for butchering his song, I present “You’ll Submit.” Enjoy!

Parody of Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back.” Trump sings how he refuses to concede.

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You say, Joe Biden has won
And you’re taking the White House away.
You lie! And soon you will see
That you can’t simply tell me goodbye. 

It’s so SAD! 
Remember I have all the power 
So I’m going to stay 
It’s making me MAD !
Remember despite the election
I’m your man . 

You’ll submit
Then Trump you’ll choose
Just accept th’ election is a ruse
You’ll admit 
Then I will Tweet
Your admission will taste oh so sweet

Trump will Rise as Democracy Falls
Then you’ll give me that Mexican wall!
So when I win my case
I’ll create a fully armed police state to remind you of your place 

Da da da….

You say I’m quite psychotic  
And you can’t take more
You’ll be the one who’s sorry 
If you show me the door 

So no, don’t say “You’re Fired.”
Cause things will only get more dire!
I’ll do whatever is required
To stay in power as your sire! 

Forever, and ever, and ever…..

You’ll submit, like before
I will fight the left and please my core
For their love, for their praise
And I’ll rule them ’til my dying days

Don’t you say, I’ve gone mad
That my Tweets are making you so sad
‘Cause when I form my coup
I will kill the Constitution to remind you I won’t move.

Da da da da
Da da da

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