Ep17: Scary Voter Intimidation

Image Source: USA Today

Today on The Daily Rose, we look at the scary voter intimidation tactics the GOP are pulling, especially the motorcade in Texas, and how both Trump and Trump Jr. are encouraging them.

Episode 17: Scary Voter Intimidation | Transcript

Source links after the Tweets

Please click through and read this important eye-witness account in full
Truck slams into staffer’s car
Top: Trump applauds and encourages the intimidating harassment
Bottom: One Tweeters Response

Several more respond in kind to Junior’s message inciting violence:

Top: Don Jr calls the “Trump Train” to intimidate Sen. Harris and “have fun”

USA Today: Biden staff call 911 after bus swarmed by Trump supporters on Texas highway
ZORA: A Disturbing Look at Voter Intimidation In Texas
The Texas Tribune: Biden camp cancels multiple Texas events after a “Trump Train” surrounded a campaign bus
Fox News: ‘Trump Train’ in Texas followed Biden bus down highway, FBI investigating
CNN: Biden campaign cancels Texas event after Trump supporters surround bus on interstate
Market Watch: โ€˜I love Texas!โ€™ President Trump cheers on supporters as they swarm Biden bus โ€” now the FBI is involved
The Washington Post: With Election Day looming, an anxious nation hears rumblings of violence

P.S. I hate politics, too. It infuriates me. The injustice triggers me to the point that I’m sometimes not okay for days. No one likes politics except politicians, especially dirty politics like what you see with Trump and his supporters, but this isn’t about politics. This is about your CIVIC DUTY. This is about the death of our Democracy, and that’s not hyperbole. Let’s hope we still have the luxury of voicing our hatred of politics in the coming years, and we truly might not if Trump remains in the White House.

Don’t wake up Wednesday morning wishing you could’ve done more to save our Democracy.

DO SOMETHING…. anything at all is better than nothing.

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