Ep15: Election Fraud

Image Source: NYT

Today’s episode outlines the ways the GOP are trying to undermine this extremely important election. From voter intimidation to foreign collusion, “unofficial” ballot collection boxes, refusal to back a peaceful transition of power, and actively eroding voter confidence in the election process.

Episode 15: Election Fraud

Linked sources and relevant articles below the Tweets.

Voter Intimidation, one way the GOP are illegally influencing this election.
Sowing discord and fear and uncertainty, another way
GOP are using fear and intimidation to undermine this election
GOP are distributing “unofficial” ballot boxes all over LA.
They’ve admitted it and refuse to remove them or tell officials where they are, another way the GOP is undermining this election by eroding voters’ confidence in the process
(if not outright planning to steal those ballots in blue districts
Another form of Voter Intimidation, having to wait 11 hours to vote
Not a coincidence it’s going up in red states with
their antipathy toward social distancing and wearing masks
Turn Texas Blue!
Do Not Throw Away Your Shot!

Columbus Dispatch: Voter Intimidation: Ohio may pursue pair already charged in Michigan for voter intimidation in minority areas
Washington Post: GOP Installs Unofficial Ballot Boxes
OC Register: Unofficial Ballot Boxes
NYT: Republicans Admit to Placing Unofficial Ballot Boxes
Slate: After Complaining About Voter Fraud, the California GOP Commits Election Fraud
CNN: Fiona Hill says Putin has America ‘exactly where he wants us’
NYT: The Assault on Election: How Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Lie Is Disenfranchising Americans
The Atlantic: How Ugly Politicking Ate Election Oversight
CNN: The biggest election fraud story you haven’t heard about
Vanity Fair: Pro-Trump Twitter Army Strategically Throttling Biden Ads
Washington Post: Videos show closed-door sessions of leading conservative activists: ‘Be not afraid of the accusations that you’re a voter suppressor

I forgot to mention in the episode, but seeing how many people have already voted has been so inspiring!

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