Ep10: Illegal Search & Seizure

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Portland police, now some of which are Federal Deputies, didn’t even wait for the protest to begin last night before accosting BLM protesters. Without cause or warrant, they searched citizens and seized their property. This after a weekend where police protected and safely escorted an armed paramilitary group called the Proud Boys.

The Daily Rose, Episode 10: Illegal Search & Seizure | Transcript
They are all talk, turns out.
Truck delivering shields the police didn’t confiscate
This is who the police protect. Didn’t confiscate that weapon either.

Can you imagine what it would be like if the BLM protesters came armed like these white nationalists? You think the cops are violent towards us now! They’d be using live rounds!

How is this okay with anyone? How is this justifiable?

Same police force who safely escorted armed Proud Boys to their park are
physically assaulting peacefully, unarmed protesters
Looks like having a sign is now cause to deploy chemical weapons
Reporter attacked by police
Police attack and arrest a delivery driver, not even part of the protest
Police viciously attack a protester with an oh-so-dangerous skateboard
Police admit they are targeting BLM protesters because they don’t support Trump

Medium: A New American Manifesto
Christine Rose: A New Declaration of Independence

Christine Rose: Criminalizing Dissent
OPB: Deputized Police Will Remain Federal Agents for the Rest of the Year
OPB’s Sergio Olmost (aka) MrOlmos on Twitter. Follow for excellent on-the-ground reporting on the Portland Protests
Mike Schmidt: Portland District Attorney
Portland Mercury: Portland Police Aggression Escalates (Again)
OPB: Portland police move early to quash Monday night protests

The Daily Rose, Ep 5: Cultural View of Police
18-min video of the Federal Occupation in Portland, July 2020: The Revolution in Portland (also broken down into smaller parts if you’d prefer, embedded in personal blog)

Independent Journalists on the front lines in Portland:
Sergio Olmos: @mrolmos
Laura Jedeed: @misanthrophile
Zane Sparling: @PDXzane
Cory Elia: @TheRealCoryElia

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