Ep9: Proud Boys Back in PDX

This weekend, the Proud Boys and other alt-right militia groups descend once again on Portland to seek revenge for the murder of Aaron “Jay” Davidson, even though Davidson’s alleged killer was shot dead by police three weeks ago. Leaked messages from a group known as Patriot Coalition show members eager for and planning deadly violence.

The Daily Rose, Episode 9: Proud Boys Back in PDX | Transcript
Tweet from current leader of the Proud Boys
Screenshot from Patriot Coalition Group | Source
Screenshot from Patriot Coalition Group | Source
Talking about dressing in “Black Bloc” to infiltrate Antifa and BLM Protesters
to make it look like they’re being violent. | Source
Plans to attack journalists as well as ACLU & Lawyer’s Guild legal observers | Source

On September 13th in my third podcast episode called “Armed Militia Checkpoints,” I talked about these alt-right MAGAts. Below they are planning murder and how to get away with it, plus they got some more tips from Clackamas County Deputy Mark Nikolai, too.

Expressing homicidal desires | Source

Bellingcat: Patriot Coalition: Leaked Messages Show Far-Right Group’s Plans for Portland Violence
The Guardian: Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies
NYT: Portland Prepares for Violent Showdowns, Proud Boys and Tear Gas
Washington Post: Thousands of Proud Boys plan to rally in Portland, setting up another clash in a combustible city
Portland Mercury: Portland Prepares For An (Unwanted) Visit From the Proud Boys
Daily Kos: Proud Boys’ plans to invade Portland this weekend amid vows of revenge spur emergency declaration
Oregon Live: Far-right Proud Boys move Portland rally to the former Vanport City, a site fraught with racist history
Willamette Week: Oregon State Police and Multnomah County Sheriff Won’t Help Portland Police With Crowd Control at Saturday’s Proud Boy Rally
Oregon Live: Some Portland police officers to be deputized as federal officers for Saturday’s Proud Boy rally, counter-protests
OPB: Kate Brown Declares State of Emergency for Proud Boy Portland Rally
Willamette Week: In Million-Dollar Lawsuit, Plaintiffs Say Proud Boys Injured Them With Paintballs and Bear Mace
Senator Merkley & Congressman Wyden Speak Out: “White nationalist hate groups, with their racist rants and glorification of violence, have no place in our hometown or anywhere else in America.”

1776 2.0—highly disturbing group
Twitter Trend on Proud Boys
Vox: Booglaloo Bois Explained
Daily Kos: ‘Civil war is here, right now’: ‘Patriots’ urge Trump to empower militias to fight antifa in streets
The Nation: Federal Agencies Tapped Protesters’ Phones in PortlandHomeland Security has not yet come clean to the public about the full extent of its intelligence operations in Portland
Twitter Thread of victims Portland Police violence

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