Ep7: Glorifying Murder

Wall Street Journal (Source)

Today a Twitter trending topic was once again Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-yr old kid who killed two protesters and injured a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin a few weeks back. Shockingly (or perhaps not), Fox News reported how Kyle was acting in self-defense. The alt-right came out in force shouting how much Kyle was a national treasure and an American hero once again.

The Daily Rose, Episode 7: Glorifying Murder | Transcript

ABC News: Facebook Sued by Rittenhouse’s Victim’s partner
Fox News: Tucker Carlson Tonight Airs Never-Before-Seen Footage from Deadly Kenosha Shooting
The Hill: Fox News Host Says Kyle Rittenhouse was ‘innocent’ and ‘demonized’
The Daily Beast: Fox News Defends ‘All-American’ Kenosha Shooter: ‘Little Boy’ Just Protecting ‘His State’

CNN: Reporting on Breonna’s Murder
CNN: Protests follow after decision not to charge Louisville officers with killing Breonna Taylor

Twitter Trend for the discussion around Kyle Rittenhouse
Twitter Trend on no justice for Breonna Taylor
Twitter Trend on Louisville protests in the aftermath of today’s ruling with two officers shot.

First podcast about Kyle: The Daily Rose, Episode 2

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