Ep3: Armed Militia Checkpoints

A local armed militia set up checkpoints to find “Antifa” just 20 miles outside of Portland. A deputy coaches these vigilantes on how to get away with murder.

The Daily Rose, Episode 3: Armed Militia Checkpoints | Transcript


Despite no evidence the support the militia’s claims Antifa started the fires, they still have formed checkpoints to try and find members of “Antifa.”

They praise them even when condemning them.

Yet no one is arrested for this illegal activity, and they continue to harass and terrorize people.

Mutual Aid Station (Twitter thread)
Oregonian: Rumors about antifa wildfires are false
Oregonian: Clackamas Co Deputy Put on Leave for Blaming Antifa
Video: Deputy suggesting Antifa is putting lives at risk (also below)
Video: Nikolai coaches vigilantes on murder (also below)

Nikolai suggests Antifa is responsible for the fires
Nikolai coaching vigilantes on murder, among other things

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