Ep2: Murder in the Streets

Portland protest shooting, Kenosha: what's Patriot Prayer; Trump visit
Source: USA Today

Today’s episode looks at two murderers: Kyle Rittenhouse and Michael Reinoehl. Both killed people. Both claim self defense. Listen to how the rhetoric of the police, the public, and the president are polar opposites for two people committing the same crime.

The Daily Rose, Episode 2: Murder in the Streets | Transcript

Ask yourselves: Why was Jacob Blake shot several times in the back while walking away from police officers, but Kyle Rittenhouse made it all the way home before being arrested? This Mother Jones article gives some explanation: What Conservatives Really Mean when the Call for “Law and Order

Why do police attack and brutalize unarmed protesters every night but they leave armed alt-right militia alone and even give them water while thanking them for their help? This Guardian article might shed some light on that question: White Supremacists Infiltrate Police for Years

Here’s an example of the nightly police brutality: Fully restrained arrestee has mask ripped off before being maced by Portland Police (Officer #58). Here is another: Officer tackles a protester and starts punching them into the ground.

There are dozens of videos like this every night.

Article Links Kenosha:
NYT: Tracking the Suspect in the Fatal Kenosha Shootings
USA Today: Wounded Kenosha medic Gaige Grosskreutz tells his story
ABC News: Man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse during Kenosha protests still remembers the screams
Snopes: What’s True and False about Kyle Rittenhouse’s Alleged Victims
NPR: Trump Defends Kenosha Shooting Suspect
Chicago Tribune: Could Kyle Rittenhouse show he was acting in self-defense
Vox: Why police encouraged a teenager with a gun to patrol Kenosha streets

Article Links Portland:
The Guardian: Trump Supporters drive through crown and pepper spray protesters
Video of Murder on Twitter from @stillgrey
NYT: How the Fatal Shooting at a Portland Protest Unfolded
NYT: In His Last Hours, Portland Murder Suspect Said He Feared Arrest
Vice News: Video where Michael speaks before his arrest || Article
Washington Post: Suspect in Portland slaying killed when officers moved to arrest him
CNN: Suspect in fatal Portland shooting of right-wing activist killed during attempted arrest, US Marshals say Shooting Suspect Killed During Attempted Arrest
King5(WA): Manner of death for suspected Portland shooter killed by police listed as homicide
Twin City Pioneer Press: Reinoehl and Danielson Both Armed

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