Ep1: Public Opinion on Portland Protests

Photo by Dave Killen/The Oregonian—Source

The Daily Rose, Episode 1: Public Opinion on Portland Protests | Transcript

Welcome to The Daily Rose, a political and social commentary podcast. During these uncertain times, it’s especially important to speak out against injustice and misinformation.

After 103 consecutive days, the Portland Black Lives Matter Protests, which have received national attention, have stopped—or at least paused. Last night, September 10, 2020, would’ve been day 104, but the streets were quiet.

Today several publications ran a story on how the majority of Oregon voters think the protests should end and that the police aren’t using enough force to control them. Articles appeared in Oregon Live, OPB, and The Epoch News, to cite a few.

Last Sunday, an editorial in The Oregonian said the same. (Here’s a brilliant response by Mac Smiff taking those editors to task.)

This podcast consists of brief commentary on how these opinions have been formed with misinformation, half-truths, and sporadic media coverage.

As promised in this episode, below is the 18-min mini-documentary “The Revolution in Portland.”

Or watch in three shorter segments:
Part 1: ~4min
Part 2: ~6min
Part 3: ~8min

Finally, please follow these independent journalists to see front line video of the protests. CW: severe police violence in many.

Sergio Olmos: @mrolmos
Laura Jedeed: @misanthrophile
Zane Sparling: @PDXzane
Cory Elia: @TheRealCoryElia

To track police brutality across the country, please follow Greg Doucette (@greg_doucette), who’s been documenting videos of police brutality for months. As of today, he’s documented over 900 videos.

The cops are rioting.

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